• Wide smartphone compatibility
  • Fast charging
  • Over-temperature & overcharge protection
  • Ultra-slim compact design
  • Phone case-friendly

Worry-free wireless charging: the Rapoo XC150 Wireless Charging Pad is compatible with all smartphones (iOS and Android) supporting the Qi charging standard.
Simply connect the XC150 pad to power at your preferred location and enjoy uninterrupted charging with no more power cords to check, plug, and unplug all the time.

XC150 not only simplifies charging, but it’s also designed to ensure flexible and convenient charging with the possibility to place your phone both vertically and horizontally. This is possible thanks to the built-in double charging coils, which create a wider area for uninterrupted charging.

The pad is widely compatible with all Qi-enabled phones including popular brands such as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei among others. You could even charge your Qi-enabled AirPods.