• Mechanical switches
  • RGB backlit keys
  • Anti-ghosting
  • Key life of up to 60 million operations
  • Spill-resistant design

Think fast, act fast. The mechanical switches on the Rapoo V500 Pro Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard have 4.0 (±0.4) mm of key travel distance – plus they offer an incredible life span of up to 60 million keystrokes. Put more clearly: Own it and enjoy even faster, more precise, and longer-lasting fun.

Non-conflict design for all keys on the keyboard, allows you to press any number of keys simultaneously, ensuring your every command is registered and executed exactly and rapidly.

Drinks allowed on your desktop. The clever design and the choice of materials protect the keyboard against splash damage.

A multi-colour adjustable backlight system lightens the keys individually adding to the alloy surface finish, making V500 Pro more eye-catching.

With its elegant look boasting an aluminium alloy surface, the V500 Pro takes up less space on your desktop thanks to its full-size yet compact design – making it perfect for LAN parties and laptop gaming, too.