• Create 3D drawings with this incredible Polaroid 3D pen!
  • Draw in filament that can literally rise off the page
  • It’s compatible with all sorts of filaments that give you different effects
  • Has 3 modes: fast, normal, and accurate
  • Powered by USB-C, cable included
  • For ages 14+

Are you ready to take your drawings to a new dimension? How about the third dimension? That’s totally possible with this Polaroid Play+ 3D Pen!

This 3D pen puts out a special filament, much like 3D printers, that lets you create three-dimensional masterpieces. And, it’s compatible with all Polaroid filaments, so you can draw in PLA, glow-in-the-dark, and even P-wood. With this pack, you get three rolls of PLA to start you off.

This pen has three modes, letting you choose the right setting for the job. Choose from:

  • Fast: fills surfaces in less time, making it great for larger projects
  • Normal: the perfect balance between speed and high quality
  • Accurate: ideal for creating intricate details

This pen is powered using a 1.5-metre USB-C cable. So, it’s easy to plug into the wall with an adapter (not included) or even take on the go with a power bank (also not included).

All in all, this Polaroid 3D pen is ideal for taking your art to new heights… literally.