• 20 x 15g (5m) PLA plastic filament reels
  • Lasts approximately half an hour of continuous drawing
  • Environmentally friendly, bio-compostable plastic made from corn starch
  • Fluorescent filament colours for creating 3D models
  • Can be used with any suitable 3D pen

The Polaroid 3D Pen Filament Box (22 Mixed Colours) is a set of 20 PLA filaments and 2 bonus Deluxe Silk refills. It consists of over 100 meters of filament (20 x 5 m + bonus) in intense, fluorescent colours that allow you to create fantastic designs that glow under UV light. Each roll contains 15 g (5 m) of PLA plastic. Cartridges are dedicated to Polaroid 3D pens: Play+, Pen and Fast. They can also be used in any 3D pen that uses PLA and Deluxe Silk felt.

Properties of PLA filament

PLA filament is made from corn starch, which makes it biodegradable and extremely environmentally friendly. The undoubted advantage is the ease of printing at a relatively low temperature and little intense smell when heated. PLA filament has a high resistance to material warping and is not flammable. It is completely waterproof and models made of this material have high resistance and are durable. Low prices and a wide range of colours make PLA filament one of the most popular choices for 3D printing.