• Works with Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant / Apple HomeKit
  • Shape, cut, re-use or extend your Lightstrip to any solid surface
  • 16 million colours including warm to cool white light
  • Add Philips Hue Bridge (sold separately) to unlock full home control
  • Works out of the box with the free Philips Hue Bluetooth app

The Philips Hue Plus Multicolour Bluetooth LED Light Strip Kit is the most flexible light source imaginable. You can shape the strip into almost any form and use the adhesive tape on the back to attach it to any solid surface. Transform your living room, bedroom, kitchen or other rooms and choose from 16 million colours to create an ambiance that suits any mood. If needed, you can cut your Bluetooth Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus to size at the scissor markings and now re-use with the included connector clip to attach the strip you’ve cut off to another Lightstrip base unit! Integrate Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus with furniture, in coves, under kitchen cabinets or highlight architectural features with smooth, indirect light. Try controlling your lights with your voice using Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit devices for hands-free voice control. With our Philips Hue ‘White and Colour Ambiance’ range, play with 16 million different colours including warm and cool white light and create the perfect ambiance for any mood. Discover Philips Hue - the latest in smart home lighting!