• 90W N17EE universal laptop power supply
  • 12 interchangeable tips for use with all major brands
  • Replacement power supply for a laptop / notebook
  • Auto voltage setting technology
  • Designed for 15V, 16V & 19V

This Maplin 90W Universal Laptop Charger Power Supply with 12 Interchangeable Tips is the perfect replacement Power Supply for your Laptop or Notebook.

Twelve interchangeable tips are included for use with Toshiba, Sony, Fujitsu, Samsung, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Compaq, Dell and HP Laptops and Notebooks. It has Auto Voltage Technolgy, with output voltages of 15V, 16V and 19V.

What is Auto Voltage Technology?
Auto Voltage Technology automatically sets the output voltage to the appropriate level for your Laptop or Notebook. This works by first selecting the tip suitable for your brand of laptop. The tip is then designed to output the correct voltage automatically. This removes the need to manually select the voltage and any risk of overcharging.

Output Tips/Socket Type:
AH (19V): Square, for Lenovo
AG (19V): 3.0x4.5mm (0.6mm pin), for HP
N (19V): 5.5x7.9mm (0.9mm pin), for IBM
X (19V): 1.7x5.5mm, for Acer
G (19V): 3.0x5.0mm (with 1mm pin), for Samsung
E (16V): 4.4x6.5mm (with 1.4mm pin) for Sony, Fujitsu
E (19V): 4.4x6.5mm (with 1.4mm pin) for Sony
D (15V): 3.0x6.3mm for Toshiba
QV2 (19V): 5.0x7.4 (with 0.6mm pin), for Compaq, HP
T (19V): 1.7x4.75mm, for Compaq, HP
P (16V): 2.5x5.5mm, for IBM, Lenovo
P (19V): 2.5x5.5mm, for Acer, Compaq, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Gateway, Toshiba

Form FactorAC Adaptor
Case ColourBlack
Pack Quantity1
Power Adaptor TypePower Adaptor
Mains Input Voltage120V AC to 240V AC