• High performance instant adhesive
  • With advanced dispenser for pinpoint accuracy
  • Water, dishwasher, shock and temperature resistant
  • Rubber-infused gel super glue
  • Pack of 2

The Loctite Super Glue Power Gel Duo 2x3g (Pack of 2) is the perfect solution for quick and simple bonding challenges, thanks to its precise nozzle. This multi-purpose glue can be applied to the smallest of surfaces offering instant strength in a single drop.  Drying transparent, the glue provides invisible repairs even on vertical surfaces and materials that require high flexibility. The unique rubber infused gel formula bonds without mess or drips, formulated for instant adhesion with a shatterproof resistance of being dropped more than 60 times and resisting impact, shock, vibration, and extreme temperature. The gel's high strength non-drip formula gives long-lasting durability on a range of materials including rubber, leather, wood, metal and most plastics.