• Glue remover designed for use on super glue
  • Removes super glue from clothing, skin and most surfaces
  • Can also be used to clean stained surfaces, marker pen stains and sticky label residue
  • Mini Trio
  • 3x1g

The Loctite Super Glue Mini Trio Power Gel (3x1g) contains three one-shot tubes, making them ideal for quick repair jobs in the workplace. The multi-purpose glue provides instant strength, transparent drying technology and has an anti-clog cap to prevent drying out. The rubber infused gel formula allows high strength bonds that are extremely precise even on flexible materials with no mess or drips. This instant adhesive has a shatterproof formulation that will survive being dropped more than 60 times and is strong enough to resist impact, shock, vibration, and extreme temperature. The gel's high strength formula gives long-lasting durability on a range of materials including rubber, leather, wood, metal and most plastics.