• High strength tape
  • Waterproof
  • Extra thick and easy to tear
  • Suitable for use on most surfaces
  • Fabric mesh design and strong 400 micron thickness

The Loctite Extreme All Purpose Glue Gel (20g) is an elastic all-purpose gel with extreme hold for glueing and repairing almost any material. The gel is shock-proof, water and temperature resistant, flexible and has strong adhesive power. Its non-drip gel formula allows clean and safe application even on vertical surfaces. The transparent and solvent-free Extreme Glue gel can be used both indoors and outdoors. This gel glue, based on flexible technology, allows the adhesive to be placed on the leather and can be used on a range of materials including wood, metal, steel, stone, ceramics, glass, textiles and most plastics and polystyrene foam. Giving fast results with high initial strength and the final bonding strength complete after 24 hours.