• Glue gun
  • For use on wood, paper, cardboard, leather, textiles, cork, glass, metal, stone and synthetic
  • Ideal for fast repairs, bonding and fixing
  • Heat insulated nozzle
  • Plastic shockproof casing

The Loctite Brush-On Super Glue (5g) is a multi-purpose glue that provides durable, long-lasting and invisible repairs.  It comes in a spill-resistant bottle for safe storage and a built-in brush applicator which ensures an easy, smooth application allowing an even spread of glue over small and irregularly shaped surfaces. Its powerful liquid and waterproof formula have been developed to form resilient bonds to withstand heavy loads and resist shocks and extreme temperatures. Ideal for all sorts of repairs around the workplace, Loctite Brush On Super Glue bonds in seconds and gives long-lasting durability on a range of materials including rubber, leather, wood, metal and most plastics.