• Activity tracking & sleep monitoring
  • Can be worn on your shoe - 6-axis motion sensor
  • Water resistant up to 50m
  • Battery life: up to 2 weeks
  • Smart notifications

Wearing the eco-friendly and lightweight Huawei Band 4e on your wrist, you'll be offered with activity tracking, sleep monitoring and more smart features to ease your life.

When you wear the band on your shoe with the buckle, you can simply press the button to collect precise basketball or running performance statistics. Attach it to your shoe and go!

Thanks to the 6-axis motion sensor, the running mode is able to provide comprehensive and accurate data tracking including footstrike pattern, landing impact, ground contact time, cadence and more. Specially for indoor running, the average accuracy of distance measurement has been improved to 97%.

By collaborating with the professional research institute CISS, HUAWEI Band 4e provides detailed running form analysis and suggestions based on the comprehensive statistics so you can improve your running efficiency and reduce the risk of injury.

By tracking and analysing your movement, it scores your overall performance in every basketball game including detailed results in jumping, sprinting, lower-body strength and other key performance data. Know yourself better and train like a pro.

Track your long workouts without worrying about running out of power. HUAWEI Band 4e provides up to 2 weeks of battery life with regular use, and 21 days under standby mode.

With the feature of water resistance up to 50 meters, HUAWEI Band 4e is the companion you can take during sweating workouts, surfing or swimming.

Not only look good but also environmental-friendly as the colourful and youthful straps are made from recycled materials. Weighing only about 15g, this band is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

More than a versatile workout partner, HUAWEI Band 4e is also a perfect life assistant with smart features like sleep monitoring, message / call notification, alarm reminder, find your phone, etc.