• 1.47" Large AMOLED Screen
  • 14 Days Long Battery Life
  • Blood Oxygen Level Monitor
  • Intelligent 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitor
  • water resistance of 50 meters

Phenomenal Visual Experience

The Honor Band 6 Smartwatch Fitness Tracker has a 1.47" large screen means 148% more display area than traditional fitness trackers that gives you a phenomenal visual experience.

Customisable Watch Face to Fit Your Mood

Change your band face at any time to fit your style with a lot of band face choices in the watch face store. Show your attitude by setting an album photo as your personalized watch face.

Charge for 10 Minutes Wear It for 3 Days

Honor Band 6 has a better battery life and equips with magnetic fast charging to free you from long recharge times. As little as 10 minutes of charge will get you going for up to 3 days. On a full charge, you can get up to 14 days of usage

Blood Oxygen Level Monitor on Your Wrist

Blood oxygen level is a key indicator of your overall wellness. Low blood oxygen will cause tiredness, lack of energy, loss of memory capacity. Long term low blood oxygen will damage your brain, heart and other organs. The Honor Band 6 combines optimized optical hardware and software algorithms to precisely detect blood oxygen levels.

Intelligent 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitor

With TruSeen 4.0 all-day heart rate monitoring, Honor Band 6 can detect abnormal heart rates and give alerts. Honor Band 6 is here for you, all day.

Helps You Sleep Deeper

TruSleep algorithm on the Honor Band 6 can precisely record sleep durations and stages. Honor Band 6 provides professional sleep improving suggestions and personalized sleep aid, Honor Band 6 can help you get a good night of rest.10 Professional Workout Modes Make Your Own Progress Every Day

HONOR Band 6 has a large selection of workout modes to track your physical exercises such as running, walking, cycling7 and other activities. Even if you want to do your exercise underwater, HONOR Band 6 will precisely record your performance for your reference.

Auto Detect Workout Types Record Your Every Move

HONOR Band 6 auto-detects 6 workouts such as running, walking, rowing machine and elliptical machine. HONOR Band 6 can also precisely record your real-time heart rate and give you feedback during a workout based on a preset goal. Together, HONOR Band 6 will make your exercise easier by providing more comprehensive data.

Every Thing You Need to Know HONOR Band 6 Will Remind You

HONOR Band 6 will remind you of everything that requires attention, such as incoming messages, daily agenda and so on. Functions like music playback control, remote camera shutter, find your phone and other useful features make your daily tech life more enjoyable.