• Measure your food's temperature with accuracy up to 0.1°C / 0.18°F
  • Notifies you when your food is done
  • Simply select the type of meat and ‘doneness’ you desire
  • 8 probe ports
  • Works with the GrillEye Hyperion app

The GrillEye Max Smart Wireless Thermometer is the world’s first instant, ultra-precise smart thermometer for your grill or smoker. It notifies you when your food is ready, wherever you are.

GrillEye Max eliminates the guesswork from your grilling process, bringing you perfect results every time. Plus, it automatically updates itself, meaning your device is always ready to grill.

GrillEye Max features 8 probe ports, wireless connectivity, USDA-ready presets, customisable settings, easy-to-use app, and a unique ergonomic design.

With the GrillEye Hyperion app you can control any number of Maxs from absolutely anywhere. The app enables you to organise and record your activity in Sessions so you can keep track of your pitmaster performance!