• World travel adaptor
  • Charge up to two USB devices simultaneously
  • Easy-to-use sliding plug mechanism
  • Plugs into sockets in 150 different countries
  • Also includes: Travel Speaker, Shoulder Camera Bag and Lightning to USB-A cable

This kit is perfect for anyone travelling the world. It includes a USB World Travel Adapter, Travel Speaker, Shoulder Camera Bag and a Lightning to USB-A cable.

If you travelling anywhere in the world and need to charge a USB powered device then make sure you pack the Fujifilm WorldTrip Dual USB Charger and Travel Adapter - Green. The unique design and construction make this the essential USB charger and travel adaptor for anyone on the move. It features two USB ports that allow the charging of 2 USB devices simultaneously. Plug your iPod / iPhone and mobile phone in together to make sure you do not lose power on either.

The WorldTrip also incorporates a travel adaptor that allows you to plug into the power sockets of over 150 countries worldwide. Simply remove the USB charging section to give plug inputs. See below for the 4 main plugs types covered (UK, Europe, America, Australasia). The patented sliding plug mechanism then lets you easily select the correct plug for your country.

NOTE: The WorldTrip has a maximum of 1000mA output shared between the 2 USB ports. To protect the charger a safety cut out prevents charging if 2 devices are plugged in that draw more than 1000mA. Please refer to the manufacturers' details of any device being charged to see its power requirements. If overcharging occurs the simply remove one device and charge individually.