• 1000+ Compatible Devices and Services
  • Three Triggers. Endless Combinations
  • Tactile Click Feel
  • Flic 2 has been re-designed from the ground up
  • Future-proof components with Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range, improved stability and battery life

This Flic Smart Button Starter Kit includes Four wireless connected Flic 2 Smart Buttons and a Flic Hub LR to control your smart home devices and appliances at the push of a button, now with HomeKit and Alexa support. Flic connects to all your smart home devices and appliances and allows you to trigger complex functionality with a simple push of a button. No need to fiddle with your phone or talk to your voice assistant to turn on the lights. The buttons are small, wireless and come with 9 icon stickers to show what each button is for. The buttons come with a reusable adhesive back, so all you need to do is to place them where you'd like them, and decide what you would like to happen when a button is pushed, double pushed or held. Each trigger can set off one or multiple actions: push once to turn on your Sonos, dim the lights, and roll down your Smart Blinds; double-push to turn on your TV, stop the music and turn up the lights; hold to turn off all lights, music and TVs when leaving your house. The only limitation is your imagination!