• Android 11
  • 6.3" Full HD+ IPS LCD display
  • Dual 48MP/48MP rear cameras / 25MP front camera
  • 3905 mAh battery capacity
  • Designed with fair & recycled materials


Our most sustainable smartphone yet, now with 5G speed, 5-year warranty and electronic waste neutral.

A quality smartphone with fairness at its core

Sustainability has never been this powerful. Designed to last, with fair and recycled materials, the Fairphone 4 brings you 5G speed, with great battery life and a premium dual-camera - all backed by our 5-year warranty.

Yours to open, yours to keep

You don’t need to be an expert to swap out the battery or display. No part of Fairphone 4 is glued shut, so you can choose to easily repair it yourself with a standard screwdriver. 

Good for the world, easy on your wallet.

Affordable parts and repairs

Repairability score: 9.3 out of 10. Based on the French Repairability Index to help show you how repairable electronic devices are.

How your phone is made, matters

Fairtrade Gold, recycled materials

We’re innovating where it counts. With Fairphone 4, we’re pushing ourselves to the next level of fair by introducing even more materials that are responsibly sourced and conflict-free.

The phone’s body is machined from aluminium from ASI certified vendors*, with a 100% recycled plastic back cover. We're working behind the scenes to integrate fairer cobalt and lithium into our batteries and we're the only smartphone manufacturer with Fairtrade gold in our supply chain. Try that on for size.

Meet the makers

Bridging the gap between you and your technology is what we’re all about. 

Your phone and its materials have been handled hundreds of times by hundreds of people all across the world - They're more than an assembly line. They’re the ones that bring it to life. 

A beautiful display of design

With its immersive 6.3inch Full HD+ display, smooth aluminium body and soft, recycled back cover the Fairphone 4 is a statement of industrial design, boldly unique in its look and feel.

This device is a challenge to the industry to rethink the modern smartphone: True innovation should be about solving problems, rather than creating new ones. This purpose of design shines through in every aspect of the Fairphone 4. It’s what makes it beautiful.

Superfast 5G speed

Video call your friends in HD, stream high-quality music and even download movies on the move. 5G opens up new possibilities.

No rush, get started with your existing SIM card and switch over when you’re ready. Once you do, your Fairphone 4 will keep you 5G-connected throughout Europe. Fairphone 4 even provides the flexibility to use two SIM cards, introducing an e-SIM slot for an additional number.

Android 11™, enjoy every moment

With its powerful processor, a large amount of expandable storage and great battery life the Fairphone 4 is ready whenever you need it. Our clean version of Android also keeps things intuitive and simple, yet very customisable. 

Quick and easy to set up, transfer everything you need from your old phone and your favourite apps from the Google Play Store.

Dual cameras for the win

The Fairphone 4 dual cameras are the real deal. A pair of premium lenses for all the details or the bigger picture.

Add a light sensor for blazing fast autofocus and top it off with optical image stabilization for uncompromising image quality. And that counts for the buttery smooth 4K video as well, of course.

High-pixel to capture life’s details

The 48MP quality main lens and carefully dialled in image processing make for an intuitive, effortless camera experience. The Fairphone 4 lets you focus on what matters most: Image quality in every frame and setting. Capture true to life colours, in great detail, every time.

Ultrawide to expand your horizons

The best camera is the one you have with you. This one also has a tack-sharp 48MP ultra-wide lens that lives up to its name with an immersive 120° viewing angle. Expand your horizon and get the bigger picture.

Explore your world in high definition

Whether you’re video calling your family, sharing a special moment with your friends or documenting a memorable trip, these cameras’ got your back.

The advanced image stabilization and highly dialled-in image processing give you the freedom to explore and never worry about missing that clip, no matter the scene.

Your life, your memories, your camera

We designed the camera app to give you the freedom to focus on the shot. You can customize it to match your style and have all your favourite features at your fingertips.

Fairphone 4 is electronic waste neutral

We go one step further to conserve the precious materials used in manufacturing electronic products. When you buy a Fairphone 4, we responsibly recycle or give one old phone a second life.

This means 100% compensation for the material we put into the market. This is your first in the smartphone industry and it’s exactly the kind of dedication you won’t find anywhere else!