• Track local outdoor temperature, humidity & barometric pressure
  • View your data by day, month, or year in the Eve app
  • Sleek & sophisticated design and IPX3 water resistance
  • Quick & easy set up - no need for a bridge or gateway
  • See the weather on your iPhone or directly on the display

With Eve Weather, track your current outdoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, and see the weather trend at a glance – on your iPhone or directly on the display. Review current and past climate data, empowering you with insights of the weather on your doorstep. Or ask Siri what the temperature's like outside, so you can dress for the day's weather before setting out.

With a sleek & sophisticated design and IPX3 water resistance, Eve Weather offers truly wireless, energy-efficient operation with support for Bluetooth and Thread. 

Eve Weather joins your Thread network automatically, and is Apple HomeKit-enabled for outstanding ease of use with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. And the best thing about all Eve accessories is how they protect your privacy: Eve does not harvest your personal data and there is no Eve cloud, so your data won’t get exposed.