• Control your sprinkler or irrigation system via the Eve app, Siri, or onboard button
  • Effortlessly set up schedules that automatically water your garden independently of your iPhone and home network. Irrigate even when on the go – thanks to HomePod, HomePod mini, or Apple TV as your home hub
  • Compatible with all popular hose systems and multi-channel water distributors such as from Gardena or Kärcher; offers 7 watering periods
  • Joins your Thread network automatically / supports Bluetooth and Thread
  • Get up and running in a flash with quick & easy set up and no need for a bridge or gateway
  • 100% Privacy: No Eve cloud, no registration, no tracking. Local intelligence and direct communication without bridge or cloud dependency.

With the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller, activate your irrigation system via your iPhone, Siri, or the onboard button, and let it shut off automatically. You can also set up schedules quickly and easily in the Eve app, and let Eve Aqua take care of watering your garden and patio plants – completely automatically without requiring an internet connection, a bridge, or a gateway.

Eve Aqua is compatible with all popular hose systems and multi-channel water distributors such as from Gardena – plus it offers 7 watering periods. Eve Aqua converts your regular outdoor faucet into a smart water outlet, allowing you to keep your grass green and your plants happy and healthy – even while you’re away. 

Alongside Bluetooth, Eve Aqua supports Thread. This technology makes your smart home network more responsive, robust, and increases its reach – the only thing else you need is a HomePod mini. Equipped with Apple HomeKit technology, the smart water controller offers outstanding ease of use and advanced security. Eve Aqua is quick & easy to set up, the accessory joins your Thread network automatically, and you don’t need a bridge.

And the best thing about all Eve accessories is how they protect your privacy: Eve does not harvest your personal data and there is no Eve cloud, so your data won’t get exposed. Local intelligence means all the processing is done locally and Eve accessories communicate directly with your iPhone, iPad, or home hub without any cloud dependency or bridge.