• Android TV Edition - Stream shows, games, movies, news, sports and more
  • 4K Pro-UHD laser ultra-short throw - Watch 4K content and place with stylish model close to the display area
  • Adapts to what you watch - Set the size of the display between 65 - 130" to suit what you watch.
  • Simple to use - Three HDMI inputs and space for streaming devices.
  • Watch content every day for 10 years - Long life laser light source of 20,000 hours in Eco mode.

Open up the possibilities to bigger and more exciting home entertainment while keeping your home stylish, without a black screen permanently on the wall. The Epson EHLS500B Android TV Projector is distinctive in its design, performance and ability to project from close to the display area. It's easy to set up, delivers a great picture in bright rooms and offers great value with a long-life laser light source.