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BONECO F235 Air Shower Digital Tower Fan - Grey

SKU: 7611408026122
MPN: 80233

Power: 22W

32 speed settings

Timer function

Adjustable height & 270 degree head rotation

Bluetooth connectivity with Boneco app

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BONECO F235 Air Shower Digital Tower Fan - Grey


The head of the BONECO F235 Air Shower Digital Tower Fan can be rotated 270 degrees so it can be pointed virtually anywhere you’d like. The superior air circulation is achieved by 3 main points: the single arm design allows for maximum air intake, the deep pitch fan blades draw large amounts of air through the fan, and the uniquely curved shape of the front grid boosts the fans airspeed. This all allows for a truly versatile fan.

Point it at the ceiling for the signature air shower feeling and to reduce hot and cold zones, direct air between multiple floors, pull fresh air indoors, or use it with your air conditioner or furnace to achieve a uniform temperature within your space.

The F235 also offers lower fan speeds for those who prefer direct cooling. The height is adjustable by adding or removing the connector poles. At a height of 49cm (19.3 in) or 85cm (33.5 in) or 121cm (47.7 in) tall, the F235 is perfect for single rooms, large open spaces, or rooms with high ceilings.

A single security screw is used to fix the fan blade, this makes the fan safe in use and the maintenance very simple and easy. The top part of F235 DC includes the output regulator with the mentioned 32 speed levels – Level 1 – 16 are for direct cooling and level 17 – 32 are for indirect cooling.

A display is included on the base where users can see on which level they are using the fan. Furthermore, when using the BONECO App the timer function and the display dim levels can be adjusted as per user preference.