• Contact sensitive 3" plasma ball
  • Produces multiple bolts of lightning
  • Spark your child's curiosity & ignite an interest in science
  • Power - USB cable (supplied) or 3x AA batteries (not supplied)
  • Perfect for parties, children's bedrooms & school science classes

This classic Cheetah Leisure 6” Party Plasma Ball will fascinate adults and children alike with its super cool multiple bolts of lightning, touch the surface of the ball and the bolts will follow your finger wherever it goes. Spark your child's curiosity and ignite an interest in science with this interactive plasma ball. You have 2 options to power the plasma ball, a 1m USB cable is supplied so you can plug it into your computer for use in living rooms, bedrooms or offices. The battery mode requires 3x AA batteries (not supplied) which allows outdoor use such as when camping or at picnics. The plasma ball is perfect for parties, children's bedrooms, school sciences classes and would make a thoughtful and welcome gift.