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Who is Cartridge World?

Published date: 21/05/2018 13:00


Who is Cartridge World

Cartridge World is a massive global brand, supplying retail stores in over 50 countries and with 1,200 of its own stores and franchises providing millions of businesses and homes with high-quality inkjet and toner cartridges

The brand is built on over 20 years of expertise, reliability and value as is recognised by a wide range of customers around the world. Brands that Cartridge World supply include Hugo Boss, Audi, McDonald's, the NHS, Domino’s Pizza and Mercedes Benz. If their products are good enough for these amazing brands and parts of the NHS, you can use these cartridges with irrefutable confidence that you’re getting the best, no hassle experience all while saving up to 60% on your printing costs.

Cartridge World’s remanufactured premium cartridges and toners use new and re-conditioned parts in order to build new products that deliver equal output 

and efficiency to the original cartridges. In-house experts constantly strive to innovate, stringently researching and testing new print technologies to ensure Cartridge World is ahead of the curve of other major cartridge brands. All compatible and remanufactured cartridges are triple checked as they move through the factory to minimise any risk of poor quality and performance. 


Why use Cartridge World products? 


We all know supplying ink for your printer is infamously expensive, but choosing brand-compatible cartridges from Cartridge World will save you money without jeopardising quality. It’s a guarantee that you won’t experience any reduction in print quality as their inkjet cartridges and laser toners are specifically developed to match the performance of the original manufacturer (OEM) cartridges, all without violation of your printer warranty. Each Cartridge World product is tested to ensure that it meets Standardised Test Methods Committee (STMC) certification criteria. These methods allow Cartridge World to achieve a goal of supplying print density that is equal to, or greater than, the originals while achieving a page yield that is 10% higher. Furthermore, STMC accreditation means that their products comply with this internationally acknowledged testing methodology and production facilities meet ISO 14001, ISO 19798, ISO 19752 and ISO 9001 criteria.


Not only will you enjoy seamless printing of the highest quality with Cartridge World cartridges, but you’ll be doing so safe in the knowledge that you’re choosing a global brand passionate about their social and environmental responsibility. Millions of cartridges are unnecessarily thrown away every year and Cartridge World see it is a duty to reduce the impact this has on our planet as much as possible. Every time you buy a Cartridge World cartridge, there’s one less in the rubbish pile.


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