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Top Tips for Perfect Gift Wrapping

Published date: 22/11/2018 12:12


Wrapping presents during the Christmas period can prove tricky, especially when you want to make each gift appear extra special! However, our gift-wrapping techniques allow you to use a mixture of creative ideas to decorate with ease and have fun in the process! With a little imagination and simple to follow wrapping instructions, our six essential tips add that festive touch you’ve been looking for.

Tip 1: Colour Scheme

Finding a colour scheme for your gifts around Christmas can be overwhelming, with so many prints and bright colours on offer. For ultimate effect, stick to two colours which compliment each other well, such as rustic brown paper with white or red accents. Follow with wrapping essentials such as tags to add extra personality!

Tip 2: The Set Up

In order to wrap the perfect present, tools are key. Start with large scissors such as the Scotch Precision Scissors for precision, and double-sided tape to keep everything neat and intact. Begin wrapping on a clean, flat, uneven surface and finish with either ribbon or string to finish the look. 

Tip 3: Wrapping

When you’ve gathered your decorative paper, it’s time to begin wrapping! This procedure involves four simple steps for the perfect execution. Firstly, measure the paper and trim any excess. Fold the edges over slightly to ensure straight lines. Use double sided tape for a clean finish. Finally, pull the edges of the paper tightly inwards before securing the last corners with tape to create a crisp look.

Tip 4: Awkward Shapes

Awkward shapes can be difficult to work with, so to make your gift look extra special under the tree, why not opt for a box instead? Simply line a gift box with tissue paper, lay the present on top and close – finishing with a ribbon wrapped around twice as you don’t want anything falling out! A lovely rustic choice could be our 5m Jute Ribbon, or for a sleek effect, why not go for our Black & Gold Satin Edge Organza Ribbon.

Tip 5: Attention To Detail

It is often the small details which make the biggest difference. Try curling your ribbon by grasping one end of the ribbon with your forefinger and thumb, then holding the scissors upwards with the blades open, pull the ribbon tightly across and release. Alternatively, you could use adhesive stick-on bows, super easy! Addressing the gift with tags is another easily mastered trick. Try sticker labels customised with a handwritten note. You could even add a scent to the gift by lightly spraying the paper with Christmas notes.

Tip 6: Personal Touch:

Add personal extras this season by attaching ornaments or bracelets for a personal touch to make your gift go that extra mile.



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