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Keeping The Kids Busy This Summer

Published date: 07/08/2018 12:08


Summer’s finally here, and before you know it, you’ll be swept up in all the craziness of Back to School preparations again. So you want to savour the sunshine and make the most of every moment with the family. But where do you go? And which activities can you get involved in, that will suit the whole family? Hopefully, our summer activities list will help get them out of their rooms and out enjoying the sunshine!


Activities that cost:


Picnic and Sports at the park- This is a great way to get everyone active and outside. Get together some sandwiches and refreshments, grab a ball, and you’re good to go! If you’re not a very sporty family, grab a pack of cards or some board games instead! 

Museums and Galleries- Want kids to have fun while learning a little? Take them to a museum or art gallery! The great thing about most of these is that entrance is free, and you can really make a whole day of it. A day at the museum, followed by dinner out. No having to cook or do dishes!

Theme Parks/ Water Parks- A great place for kids of all ages to have a good time. With so many different attractions, you may even need a second day to enjoy the entire theme park! Some water parks even contain obstacle courses and water sports.

Trampoline and Indoor/ Soft play areas- Another fun-filled activity, for a day when it’s dull and grey outside. Be sure to bring a water bottle, as the trampoline park will have you working up a sweat in no time!

Outdoor Cinema- These have been around for a while, but are especially popular now. Grab everyone and head down to an outdoor cinema. It’s a great experience, and one you’ll love having with the family!


Activities for free:


Cooking/ Baking- If you’d rather do something with the kids at home, why not pull out a recipe and bake up a treat? It’s a great way to keep kids occupied and focused on doing something productive.

Arts and Crafts Activities and DIY Projects- Why not plan arts and crafts day? Or get some DIY home projects out the way? Get the family together to paint that spare room that’s been sitting there for months, or arrange all your pictures into a family scrapbook.  Just set yourself a project, buy a few scrapbooking supplies, and get started!

Play Dates- Invite other kids over for a playdate, and arrange some indoor and outdoor activities for them to do. For example, sports games and bike riding outdoors, and board games or watching a movie indoors. 

DIY Garden Assault Course- Why not get your creative juices flowing and build your own garden assault course with the kids? You don’t need a lot; use a dice, a few chairs, a hula hoop and a rope to get started. The more you start building, the more creative you will become!

Camping in the garden- The perfect staycation solution, and the perfect excuse to get kids away from their electronic devices; take your kids camping…in your back garden! Make it as tough or as glamorous as you want, but try remaining outdoors, and ensure you have plenty of fun activities planned and enough food to keep you going. Why not have a Survivor Challenge to see who’s the best camper?


And there you have it! Our list of top activities to keep your kids busy this Summer. Which ones will you try?




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