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Fun Christmas Traditions To Start Today

Published date: 26/11/2018 11:46

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With the Christmas season fast approaching, we’ve put together a handful of crafty, heartfelt traditions you can introduce to friends or family over the holiday period.

Why not try...

Christmas Card Hanging Display

Wondering how you want to display your Christmas cards this year? With pegs, twine and a few rustic decorative additions, this hanging feature will look perfect in your home. To start, simply measure how much twine you will need to hang your array of cards. Take small, wooden pegs (found in most craft shops) and attach each card leaving space in between. Intertwine pieces of woodland pine or eucalyptus for added effect. If you fancy something the kids can get involved with, why not collect a handful of pinecones, knotting a piece of ribbon or string to the top and spray paint lightly with silver or gold. Pick up Crafter’s Companion Spray & Sparkle from Office Outlet to help with your creation. Once applied, leave to dry and knot each pinecone to the twine wherever you wish. Alternatively, wrap LED string lights around the twine to light up your card display for a festive glow within your home. The possibilities are endless!

Christmas Paper Garland

A paper garland is a simple, no fuss solution to home & tree decoration, in just a couple of steps! Whether it be for the mantelpiece, staircase or the Christmas tree itself, paper garlands require no more than coloured paper and a few staples.


  • First, choose a colour theme for your paper rings. White and silver make for a perfect winter combination!
  • Cut your construction paper in to 8-inch-long strips with an approximate width of 2 inches.
  • Coil the first strip, and secure edges of the ring with a staple.
  • Take the second strip in your complementary colour, and coil around the first, securing again with a stapler.
  • Repeat this process until you have used all the strips, and drape or hang within your home.

Personalised Photo Advent Calendar

A Christmas advent calendar is the ultimate celebration of the run up to the big day, so why not make it extra personal as a beautiful feature in your home this year? We suggest a photo reveal calendar with a different picture for each day of the month. Saving the chocolate for the 25th!

To construct, use an A3 white or black canvas board as your backdrop display for the photo arrangement.

Choose 24 of your favourite images and print with square shaped dimensions. Polaroids look the best for this; try a photo printing app which specialises in polaroid styles, they can post them to you and you’re ready to mount your display!

Take coloured card and draw or stamp numbers 1-24 on each in black ink. Make sure the card matches the shape of the photo print outs for a clean aesthetic.

Stick the back of each numbered card on to the board, separating each set of four numbers in to six rows.

Stick a small wooden peg to the top of each numbered card and from the 1st of December, peg on one of your photos!

Once you reach the last day of advent and every photo has been hung, why not frame your advent calendar as a Christmas Keepsake!



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