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Cartridge World Frequently Asked Questions

Published date: 23/05/2018 12:55


What is the difference between Cartridge World printer cartridges and toners and the ones from the printer manufacturers?

Cartridge World printer cartridges and toners are manufactured in different factories. Some products are manufactured from new components and many are remanufactured or refurbished products.

Are Cartridge World products as good as the ones from the printer manufacturers?

Yes! These products are designed to deliver high-quality printing and the components used in the new and remanufactured cartridges are very high quality.

How can Cartridge World cartridges and toners be so much cheaper than the products made by the printer companies themselves?

Cartridge World is a large company that operates in 60 countries around the world. We source and manufacture components on a huge scale and this lead to incredible savings that we pass through to our customers.

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes, products are fully guaranteed. If you have any problems at all with your printer cartridge or laser toner the first thing to do is call Cartridge World Customer Services free of charge on 0845 544 39 55 or email them at If they can’t resolve the problem you may return the product for a full refund.

Will Cartridge World products damage my printer?

No, definitely not. They are designed to be installed and will work in exactly the same way as the products from the printer manufacturer.

My printer is still under warranty with the manufacturer. Will using Cartridge World cartridges invalidate my warranty?

No. If your printer does develop a fault the manufacturer may ask whether you have been using their own cartridges and toners. This is a standard question that they ask. In the incredibly unlikely event that the printer fault has occurred as a result of using our cartridges our own guarantee would cover any costs to repair or replace the printer. However, this situation is very unlikely indeed. 


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