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10 Things You Might Remember from School In The 80's

Published date: 02/08/2018 17:46

The 80’s may feel like yesterday for some, especially for those with children who are now breaking up from school. As September approaches, and you tick off the all-important Back to school checklist, you may be reminded of your own days back in school in the 80’s. 
School Discos. Over the knee socks. Slime and Fortnite. Oh, how times have changed. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 essentials from the 80’s. Either it’ll bring back some comforting 80’s nostalgia, or it’ll make you feel very, very old:


1. Griffin Savers Dictionary 
Opening your very own bank account for pocket money was an exciting step. If you were one of the lucky children opening an account with Midland Bank circa 1984, you’ll know exactly what the Griffin Savers Dictionary is. 

The bank handed out this dictionary to all children that opened an account with them. Unfortunately, the Midland Bank is no longer, as they became HSBC in the 90’s. 

Can you get one today? 
It is more than likely you’ll be able to pick one of these up if you search hard enough. Today’s youth, however, will know all about the Collins English School Dictionary

2. Green Lined Computer Paper 
Once upon a time, the world wasn’t as tech-savvy as it is now. Green Lined Computer Paper, also known as continuous form paper, was used for all printing. Yep, hard to believe now that we didn’t have plain white printer paperback in the 80’s! 

Can you get one today? 
With today’s printers, it’s probably best to use plain white printer paper. The Canon Red Label Presentation Paper is perfect for printing. There are various templates, however, that allow you to print off your own green bar paper if you’re feeling super sentimental. 

3. Walkman Player 
Remember sitting on the bus on the way to school, listening to Prince’s Purple Rain, or Madonna’s Like a Prayer on cassette? Today’s kids probably have no idea what a Sony Walkman is. They’re either using smartphones or blasting music on Beats pills now.  

Can you get one today? 
Like most old school memorabilia, if you search long enough, you’re bound to find it somewhere. For all of your modern musical needs, however, you can find headphones or earphones here

4. Magic Step Shoes 
Were you lucky enough to own a pair of Magic Step Shoes? If you were, you’d still remember the secret key hidden in the sole of the shoe. Remember how putting on the key brooch on the weekends made you feel part of a secret club? It’s a shame most schools had a strict uniform policy, though!

Can you get one today? 
If you search in the right places, you may be able to get a pair. However, your feet may not fit into them anymore! 

5. Scrunch Socks 
Were you one of the trendy kids rocking feet warmers to school? 
Scrunching your knitted socks down to your ankles was an art form back in the 80’s. Every single roll had to be perfect and evenly spaced. 

Can you get one today? 
There are plenty of places that still sell long knitted socks. If you don’t want to buy them, however, this could be the perfect time to practice your knitting. 

6. Casio Scientific Calculator 
The one staple item everyone needed at some point in school. If you used these in Maths class back in the 80’s, you’ll remember the dull, grey and chunky Casio Scientific Calculators. Lucky for children now, Casio have upgraded the look and feel of the Casio Scientific Calculator. And it’s much smaller too.

Can you get one today? 

For those with children, you will have seen all the different coloured Casio Scientific Calculators stocked in stationary stores today. Their latest models, the Casio FX-83 and Casio FX-85 can be found at Office Outlet. 

7. Novelty Erasers

Everyone loved a good novelty eraser. They were fun, colourful and cool. The wide selection of biscuit erasers was sometimes confused with real biscuits by children. Were you one of the children that suffered the eraser stomach ache? 

Can you get one today? 
Yes, you can still buy these today. If you prefer to keep up with the trend, check out our Maped Ergo Fun Fancy Erasers

8. Helix Mathematical Sets
A tin of little mathematical tools every student found fun to use. Remember spending most of your maths lessons etching your name into the metal tin using the compass? 

Can you get one today? 
These little tins haven’t changed much over the years at all. You can find the Helix Math set here

9. Wallpaper for the books
Turned up corners, rips along the edges and folds all over the place. That’s what happened when you threw your books in your bag every day. 
This is where your grandparents' wallpaper trimmings came in handy. Did you cover all your books with wallpaper scraps at the start of the academic year, to keep them tidy?

Can you get one today? 
Of course, you could use wallpaper leftovers to cover your children’s books, but people now generally opt for a clear sticky book cover. It’s much easier to use. The Helix Clearseal is perfect for this.

10. Shatterproof ruler 
Sat in your lesson, placing the ruler at the end of the desk and POWW! The ruler pings up and down faster than the speed of light! The silliest of things could amuse us before the days of social media. Not to mention, the ruler would never break!
Can you get one today? 
Yes, the Helix Steel Ruler is the perfect shatterproof ruler. Your child will be pinging their new ruler on the edge of their desk in no time. 

Well, that was a blast from the past! How many of the above did you remember?
If your children have just broken up for the Summer, your excitement hasn’t ended just yet. Prepare your kids for the new term as you shop for all their classroom essentials at Office Outlet. Which items do you think they’ll remember, 30 years from now?
Keep your eyes peeled for our Back to School Checklist article!


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