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The Perfect Valentine's Gift On A Budget

Published date: 29/01/2019 14:26

The Show your loved ones how much you appreciate them this Valentine’s Day with the perfect gift. With adverts filling your screens trying to persuade you to spend a fortune this Valentine’s Day, we have pulled together our top Valentine’s gifts on a low budget.
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How To Maintain An Effective Break Out Area

Published date: 28/12/2018 13:18

With Break Out areas varying from an open plan, brainstorming environments, to casual and relaxed spaces for employees to chill out, there are many ways in which employees and businesses can make the most out of the room given. Here is a selection of ideas Office Outlet have put together, to help you and your colleagues experience the quality down time we all need day to day.
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Ergonomic Ideas For Optimum Office Comfort

Published date: 28/12/2018 13:07

Ergonomic furniture and equipment can make the world of difference in an office environment, so invest where you can to ensure you’re comfortably set up for the new year! Office Outlet supplies an array of products to provide maximum support, so stay stress-free with these comfort conscious suggestions and tips.
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Kick Start The New Year With Back To Work Tips and Tricks

Published date: 27/12/2018 14:56

Adjusting to the transition from Christmas into the new year can prove difficult, especially when it involves returning to work. You’re fully relaxed and out of sync with your usual weekday work routine, yet you’re keen to return with energetic spirit! To optimise your performance from the get-go, here are a handful of useful tips and tricks to help you kick-start 2019.
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