• Resolution: WXGA 1280 x 800p
  • Screen size: up to 150"
  • HDMI / VGA / USB / Mini USB
  • Finest crystal glass lenses
  • Exclusive colour modes calibrated to suit your needs

4000 Lumens 15000: 1 Contrast

High brightness & contrast images even in well-lit meeting rooms.

Crystal-Clear Images

All glass lenses for image quality in brilliant clarity.

Detailed Infographics

Exclusive Infographic Mode showcases the text and graphics in detail.

Retractable Adjustment Foot

Far superior to projectors with only one adjustment foot the triple adjustment feet including a retractable foot enhance flexibility in a wide variety of meeting rooms.

Vertical Keystone for Perfect Alignment

Countering the trapezoid effect when the projector must be placed off-centre vertical keystone function adjusts the image for a professionally squared image.

Wall Colour Correction

Corrects the projected picture’s colour when the projection surface is not white. It adjusts the projected picture’s colours to prevent possible colour difference between the source and projected pictures.

Use Your Wall as Screen

No need for a special screen to use this projector. Simply use the wall to project on. No white wall? Not a problem! Projecting onto a coloured surface such as a painted wall is easy with BenQ’s Wall Colour Mode. (Light) Yellow Pink (Light) Green Blue and Black (board) walls are also suitable to project on. You only need a flat surface and the projector does the rest.

Presentation Mode

Designed for presentations with vivid colours. In this mode the brightness is emphasized to match PC and notebook colouring.

Infographic Mode

Great for showcasing the text and graphics of infographic in detail thanks to the high brightness and better colour gradation.

Top Lamp Door for Easy-Access Lamp Changes

Conveniently placed on top allowing fast lamp maintenance and replacement when the projector is ceiling mounted in meeting rooms.

Kensington Lock

Designed to secure tabletop projectors the Kensington lock interface provides “physical” security.

Anti-Dust Accumulation Sensor

Rejects dust accumulation enhancing device durability and hence reducing maintenance costs.

SmartEco Mode

Conserving up to 70% of lamp power for a lamp life of up to 15000 hrs.