Maplin Twitch Streamer Competitions Announcement

Maplin believes that without gamers, content creators and a passionate audience, there would be no customers for us to serve. It goes without saying that we should show some love to these communities!

Our first idea for giving back, is to offer prizes to Twitch Streamers so they may run competitions for their viewers.

Dipping Our Toes

At the end of 2020, we put out a tweet asking for Twitch streamers to get in touch for a project. We made a note of every single person who responded to that tweet, and have been working with one of the creators who reached out.

As this is a new area for us, we've taken our time to develop an approach that is mutually beneficial, without undermining the creative freedoms of the content creator.

What are we doing?

To keep things simple, we will host a competition page on our website using the Gleam plugin. This page will include a brief bio of the current Twitch Streamer, their branding and a link to their Twitch channel. Hosts will be given a link to the competition page, to be presented during live streams and promoted on their social media platforms.

In exchange for our support, the host will include the Maplin logo in their Twitch overlay, and credit us for organising the competition... WE DO NOT ASK FOR RECOMMENDATIONS! Our goal is to support an ecosystem of self-made entertainers, we do not want to compromise their authenticity by exchanging prizes for recommendations.

Working with TT Videos

After checking out the channels of our respondents, we decided to reach out to TT Videos for our first competition. His channel has a healthy enough following to trial our project, he streams regularly and his Tweets suggested that he was keen to work with someone like us. During our meeting, we were impressed by his dedication to his channel and believe he's a great example of how Twitch empowers young gamers to find a voice and an audience.

TT Videos has been easy to work with and allowed us to swiftly obtain a sense of clarity in how to organise future projects. We are truly thankful for his patience and insights, we couldn't have asked for a better starting point. You can follow him by clicking this link - TTVideoss - Twitch

Image: TT Videos Logo

Our First Competition

Our first competition starts on Saturday 3rd of April and ends on Saturday 10th of April (11:59PM) - ttvideoss - Twitch

"What can I do?"

Check-out the streamers we work with! – Support the work of independent content creators.

Get in touch! – Tell us about your favourite Twitch.TV Channels and let us know if you are a streamer yourself. Reach out to us on social media and use #MaplinTwitch to get our attention.

Engage with us! – The more positive engagement we get for this project, the more we can do to support content creators.

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